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Subsidised places at OUPS events

OUPS is a not-for-profit registered charity which exists to support OU psychology students both academically and socially throughout their studies and also after they graduate.

As the majority of our attendees are students we already keep our costs as low as possible, aiming to just break even so there is no special reduction for students. We do offer some subsidised places for OUPS members with limited financial means at our Revision Weekends, our Annual Conference and our Consolidation and Springboard Weekends.

Please note the following:

  1. Applications for subsidised places can only be made between the date on which an event is opened for booking and the cutoff date, normally ten weeks before the event date.
  2. You must be an OUPS member to apply for a subsidised place within this period.
  3. To check your current membership status, log into the website and then click on the "My account" link that appears in the top menu.
  4. You will need to log into the website, and to go to the event page for which you wish to apply.
    • If subsidised places are available on the event you will see a section headed "Subsidised places" that contains the link to the application form.
    • If this section does not exist then either you are not a current OUPS member, or there are no subsidised places for the event.
  5. You must only apply for courses that take place on the weekend related to the application form. Applications for courses from other weekends will not be processed (e.g. applications for May weekend courses made using the January weekend form).
  6. All applications will be considered on the basis of the information provided, and we may need to contact you for clarification or additional information. Once all applications for an event where subsidised places are offered have been assessed the Committee will agree whether each should be fully-subsidised, partially-subsidised or declined. All decisions at that point are final.


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